If you are interested in joining our team as an agent, associate or assistant, we are always on the lookout for individuals who are looking to further their career in the industry, either on a full or part time basis.

If you would like to submit your details or to find out more, please email the following address with ‘Join the Team’ and your name as the subject title: [email protected] 

All applications are viewed in confidence. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the two months I spent with BBA. As an American trainee performer, I feel that this opportunity gave me the ability to learn about both the role of agents but also how to get and keep representation. In working closely with the BBA agents, I was able to gain insight into this field in an immersive way and learn things I might not have by solely being on the ‘other side of the table’. I highly recommend to anyone in the performing arts - It’s a fantastic opportunity!

Mara Lucas March 

After successfully completing my second year of uni, I wanted to experience and explore the role of an agent. I was offered a position at BBA which has been the most valuable experience so far. Within the 3 months, BBA have given me an insight into the world of an agent, learning something new and facing different challenges each day. With the help and guidance from the  agents, I have gained first hand knowledge and experience of the career I am still eager to pursue!

Ashleigh Marie Hall May 

My time at BBA has been an absolutely incredible experience and unquestionably, an extremely valuable three months. Having only previously worked as an actor, I decided to apply to BBA as I wanted to explore different avenues and understand the world of Talent Management. Through my journey here, I can confidently say that I have learnt and developed a number of skills that will most definitely be valuable in the future. Additionally, I feel that I have learnt so much about the industry and what it takes to be successful in a role as such. Undoubtedly, it’s been an incredible insight to what it’s like ‘on the other side’ of the arts world. I admire how much dedication and work all the BBA team put in to be such brilliant agents that any client should be happy and appreciative to be represented by. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this opportunity and how inspired I feel as my time here draws to an end. Thank you BBA!
Zara Oram April

After interning for various Casting Directors in the UK and US, I wanted to expand my knowledge of the industry. Knowing the solid reputation  BBA hold I knew this was a company I wanted to work with. During my time at BBA I not only learned about the industry and market in Manchester, but I have also learned skills that will transfer into my career for years to come. Assisting an agent was not only a pleasure, it was a joy too. I loved coming into work everyday and couldn't wait for the next assignment I was given. I couldn't have asked for a more successful role and would recommend BBA for anyone with a strong passion for the performing arts industry.
Hannah-Cate Morayati