Chris Drohan - The Paradise Circus

Chris Drohan is the Sound Designer for ‘The Paradise Circus’ at The Playground Theatre.

In the deep Mid-West old miser Rawlings pines for his perfect boy killed in The Great War. His two younger sons, neglected by their father, waste their lives away painting beautiful horses for the merry-go-round. When the enigmatic ringmaster of a travelling circus pays an unexpected visit, he makes the old man a terrible but tempting offer. Wracked with guilt over his decision, in desperation Rawlings is forced to turn to Alda Pennington for help. But, salvation doesn’t come cheaply at the home of the witch doctor. 

James Purdy is the lesser-known titan of American twentieth century literature. Celebrated by the likes of Tennessee Williams and Edith Sitwell, he is described by Gore Vidal as ‘an authentic American genius’, Purdy’s influence stretches far beyond his fame.