Robert Longden

Director, Composer & Lyricist Writer

Robert created , produced , co-composed and directed the cult musical "Moby Dick" in 1992. Previously , in 1985 , he completed a recording of a straight version with Troggs drummer and commercial song writer Ronnie Bond with a pop video "Moon and I" sang by Demis Roussos.  He was then commissioned to write a musical of the "The Fly" , a musical of "Brighton Rock," a songbook show of Neil Sedaka's songs, "Beach Ball" and created a stage show of the Ealing film, "Champagne Charlie."  He has written a new TV musical series, " People who matter." He has written screenplays ;" Shirley Holmes," "Siege of Sydney Street," "Aqua Girl," " Ghoul of the Gaslight," "Malcontent!" "Hamletta" and "One night only" and "Something rotton in the state of Primark"  


He has directed "Shalom Alechiem" and "Now you're talking!"  starring Saul Reichlin, "Pretty for the People " starring Alex Hanson, "Prime Slot Frontcloth" opening the Old Red Lion which transfered to the I.C.A. "Kooneywackahoy" at the Old Red Lion, and "Doolallytap" at the Edinburgh Festival" He wrote and directed "Suck it and See," and "Out to Lunch" for the New End .and "Pinnochio" for the Newcastle Playhouse.


He created a black version of Jack and the Beanstalk, "Up for it" with music by Mike "Rumble in the Jungle" Olton and "All Hallow's Eve" a television Halloween event with music by Rosabella Gregory. He is currently working with Kevin Malpass, Jim Stapely, Fiona Soloman and Fi in a new made for TV musical.