BBA maintains a small, select list of actors including industry award winners and emerging talent of excellence. 


Our Clients


Kieran Brown

Dewi Mutiara Sarginson

Hanna Dimtsu

Stephanie Siadatan

Antoine Murray-Straughan

Christopher Parkinson

Kaye Brown

Kerry Enright

Zephaniah Gould

Seren Sandham-Davies

Daniel Koek

Lanya Matthews

Will Richardson

Joaquin Pedro Valdes

Alexander Nair

Maureen Hibbert

Deja Linton

Felipe Pacheco

Aamira Challenger

Leah Hill

Madison Swan

Yukina Hasebe

Ricky Groves

Katie Buchholz

Kwong Loke

Michael Lin

Jenna Lee-James

Michael Jinks

Tom Scanlon

Adam Price

Neelam Bakshi

Miles Western

Micha Richardson

Cherelle Jay

Jo Servi

Tarik Frimpong

Michael James Stewart

Anthony Starr

Steph Asamoah

Cilla Silvia

Cletus Chan

Xsara-Sheneille Pryce

Scott Maurice

Alexander Day

Chloe Macgregor

Tom Larkin

Paddy Duff

Connor Going

Alisha Capon

Jeremy Batt

Sam C. Wilson

Natalie Boakye

Sioned Jones

Alexander McMorran

Eliza Capel

Janet Mooney

Martin Edwards

Yuki Abe

Kurt Kansley

Everal A Walsh

Jane Quinn

Bradley Louis-Charles

Lamin Touray

Danne Horn

Vicke Lee Taylor


A selection of our clients are featured in the photo carousel.

BBA clients have been involved with first class work throughout the world. Our contracts are listed on news page.


If you are an industry casting professional and would like a copy of our current client list then please contact us in our London office on:
[email protected]