Kaye Brown & Neelam Bakshi - A Christmas Number One

Fergal Coghlan & Alexander McMorran - The Engineering That Built The World

Chloé Booyens – The Chernobyl Fallout

Lamin Touray - Coronation Street

Charlie Ellerton - Hollyoaks

Tina Chiang - Sister Boniface Mysteries

Karl Haynes - Sherwood

Sam Heron and Lamin Touray - Everything I Know About Love

Karl Haynes – The Colour Room

Priyasasha Kumari – You Don’t Know Me

Dimeji Ewuoso – Hard Cell

Lev Levermore - Atlanta

Stephanie Siadatan - The Retreat

Christopher Hollinshead - Coronation Street

Viss Elliot Safavi - The Split S3

Xsara-Sheneille Pryce - Doctors

Lamin Touray - All Creatures Great and Small Season 2

Stephanie Siadatan - The School for Good and Evil

Riley Jones - Vera

Katie Buchholz - Deceit

Ruth Redman - Autopsy: The Last Hours of Jerry Lewis

Conor Mainwaring - Red Room

Neelam Bakshi - Ted Lasso S2

Marc Parry – The Cabin Below a Diamond Sky

Michael Jinks – Rise of the Footsoldier Origins: The Tony Tucker Story

Georgina Ambrey – These Streets

Mark Carlisle - Doctors

Timothy Blore - The Machines That Built America

Kaye Brown - Ted Lasso S2

Timothy Blore - Autopsy: The Last Hours of Roy Horn

Vicki Lee Taylor - Autopsy: The Last Hours of Steve Irwin

Kaye Brown - Close to Me