James William-Pattison - Eye of the Storm

Lindsay Goodhand - Michael Ball: Coming Home to You UK Tour

Yana Penrose - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Samuel Martin & James William-Pattison - The Hired Man

Yana Penrose - How Do We Know?

Rosalind Ford - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Amy Gardyne - Concert in the Caves

Lindsey Goodhand - Cabaret

Yana Penrose - Hansel and Gretel

Sam Martin - The Snow Queen

Mark Carroll - Summer and Smoke

Jack Beale - The Sound of Peace

Rosalind Ford - Just So

Amy Gardyne - The Collection

Megan Leigh Mason - Orwell's Down and Out Live

Megan Leigh Mason - The Worst Witch

Megan Leigh Mason - The Ruff Tuff Cream Puff Estate Agency

James William-Pattison - Jack and the Beanstalk

Samuel Martin & James William-Pattison - Once

Samuel Martin - An Ideal Husband

Seren Sandham-Davies & Michael Cuckson - Beauty and the Beast

Rosalind Ford - The Little Mermaid

Yana Penrose - Phoenix and Turtle

Celeste De Veazey - Frying Pan Alley: Baba Yaga in East London

Yana Penrose - Evita Adams is Coming Home

Lindsay Goodhand - Encounters with the Tudors

Jack Beale - As You Like It

Amy Gardyne - Romeo and Juliet

Gareth Clarke - Babe, The Sheep Pig

Adam Dawson & Cathy Read - Mater Lingua

James William Pattison - The Last Ship

Amy Rhiannon Worth - Twentieth Century Boy UK Tour