Jason Denvir - Imaginary

Mike Dixon - Friday Night Is Music Night: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Adam King - A Clockwork Orange

Chris Whybrow - Footloose The Musical

Adam King - Made in Dagenham

Louie Whitemore - Pipeline

Adam King - Merrily We Roll Along

Louie Whitemore - The Cutting Edge

Chris Poon - Meet Me In St Louis

Chris Poon - Henrietta

Alex Howarth - Cassie and the Lights

Louie Whitemore - Dance Journeys

Khiley Williams - Electric Speakeasy

Rachel Wise - Dr Korczak's Example

Michael Strassen - The Fix

Angharad Lee - Y Tylwyth

Frank Moon - Blue Stockings

Louie Whitemore - The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson

Jose Tevar - Dungeons and Dragons

Adam King - Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad

Scott Penrose - An Act of God

Jose Tevar - The High Table

Adam King - Jack and the Beanstalk

Louie Whitemore - An Evening of Eric and Ern

Louie Whitemore, Adam King - Snowflake/ Tornado

Louie Whitemore - Beckett Triple Bill

Adam King - The Nutcracker

Simon Wilkinson - Lung Ha’s Castle Lennox

Simon Wilkinson - The Panopticon

Alex Howarth - Chemistry

David Howe - Oklahoma!

Adam King - Guys and Dolls