Rebecca Todd - The Welkin

Kaye Brown - A Monster Calls

Georgina Ambrey - La Cage Aux Folles

Isaiah Bobb-Semple - Sweat at The Tower Theatre

Everal A Walsh - Rockets and Blue Lights

Aamira Challenger - Blithe Spirit

Paul Easom - Time and Tide

Luke Jenkins - Apologia

Tina Chiang - The Fix

Keith Merrill & Jane Quinn - God of Carnage

Emily Mytton - My Brilliant Friend

Will Kelly - Mr Poppers Penguins

Sioned Jones & Jessica Forrest - Martha, Josie & The Chinese Elvis

Marc Parry - Band of Gold

Xsara-Sheneille Pryce - Ducklings

Gareth Clarke - Translations

Miranda Horn - My Cousin Rachel

James McHugh - The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

Farrell Cox - Hive City Legacy

Lamin Touray - Up N Under

Mark Extance - The Mullah of Downing Street

Kaye Brown - Holding the Centre

Karl Haynes - An Enemy of the People

Mark Paterson - Boeing Boeing UK Tour

Viss Elliot Safavi – For Services Rendered

Jemima Watling - Black Chiffon

Eliza Capel - The Exorcist UK Tour

Victoria John - Pavlilion

Scott Maurice - Equus

Laura Woodward - Early Doors Live

Grace McInerny - Flat Out

Jemima Watling - After Dark: A Drama of London Life