Adam King - Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad

Adam King is the Lighting Designer for Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad at the Finborough Theatre.

“I know it probably sounds like I'm hard on Troy. He gives up too easy. He shouldn't give up so easy. He's a lot like his mother that way.”

Love in the bleachers. Blood on the ice. The usual small town affair. Teddy and Donner are two lonely working-class single parents who meet at their children’s minor league ice-hockey match. Teddy is competitive, over-dominating and believes that winning is everything, while Donner is just happy that her son is in the team enjoying himself. Sitting together over the course of the season, they find themselves growing ever closer together, until an explosive event makes them realise that passion and violence don’t just happen on the ice…

A tender, uproarious, and sometimes disturbing story about competitive obsession and what it means to be a (single) parent.