Anne-Marie Piazza - Fragments

Anne-Marie Piazza is playing the Muse in a Development Workshop for Fragments.

“You. Here. Take them! Your own sliver of this story. These are the scraps that remain. You must help me weave a spell.”
Three papyrologists pore over some tattered fragments of papyrus, two thousand years old. Could they be the remnants of a lost masterpiece? The Muse, Daughter of Memory, is about to bring these shadowy lines to life…

Fragments searches for the myth of Aeyptus, a boy brought up to avenge his murdered father and brothers. Piecing his story together will take you on a journey around the fragments of your own life: memories, conjectures, things half-heard. Springing from the one surviving scene and scattered bits of text of an otherwise lost play by Euripides, Fragments is an inventive, exhilarating adventure to the spaces in between.