Chris Cuming - Growl

Chris Cuming is the Choreographer for the National Youth Music Theatre’s ‘Growl’.

We all think we know the story of the Big Bad Wolf.  How he's mean and greedy, and likes blowing down the houses of innocent little pigs, and gobbling up grandmas just for the wicked fun of it.  But that’s a fairy tale and the truth is a whole lot more surprising.  In this hilarious, action-packed new family musical, you’ll get to meet the real Wolf: the guardian of a beautiful forest and all the creatures who live there.  When a smooth-talking Woodcutter and his gang of henchmen turn up with deforestation and redevelopment on their minds, the Wolf is the only one standing in their way.  But once they’ve sown the seeds of doubt among his friends, the Wolf - and his woodland family - will be tested to breaking point, and even the gentlest of creatures will learn that there are times when you just have to be Big and Bad.