Dami Olukoya and Jared Thompson – Pinocchio

Dami Olukoya plays The Fairy and Jared Thompson plays the title role in Pinocchio playing this Christmas Above the Stag.

Geppetta, a lonely puppet maker, crafts herself a young man out of wood. But when a magic spell brings Pinocchio to life she gets more than she bargained for.

So begins a great adventure on land and at sea, about a gay young man with a peculiar affliction: whenever he tells a lie, something very embarrassing happens.

Bringing a touch of Italian summer to London’s winter, Pinocchio: No Strings Attached is a glorious concoction of rude and irreverent comedy, songs, slapstick, spectacle and sweet-throwing from Above The Stag’s award-winning team, and a tale that reminds you: if you can’t find love, you can at least get wood.