Frank Moon - The Kingdom of Back

Frank Moon in the Sound Designer for the Northern Ballet’s ‘The Kingdom of Back’.

Celebrated choreographer Morgann Runacre-Temple presents an intimate and moving portrait of Nannerl Mozart, the talented yet overshadowed sister of Wolfgang Mozart, in her first work for Northern Ballet, The Kingdom of Back.

Nannerl began life as the apple of her father's eye - an accomplished musician in her own right but forced to give up on her dreams. Runacre-Temple's stirring new work is inspired by letters from the Mozart family. Funny, irreverent and sometimes shocking, they give us a unique glimpse into the passions and desires of a remarkable woman born ahead of her time.

This piece imagines a character in the shadows, stuck forever in her 'Kingdom of Back' - the imaginary childhood world of the Mozart siblings - as her brother begins his journey towards immortality.