Matt Crandon - Cabaret

Matt Crandon is the Assistant Choreographer for The Göteborg Opera's production of Cabaret.

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! Those bold enough to step into the Kit Kat Club will never want to leave. There’s a place here for everyone. Under the watchful eye of the compere, the Berlin nightclub is a free haven where no fantasies are out of bounds.

The musical’s plot revolves around Sally Bowles, the nightclub’s star performer, and Clifford Bradshaw, a young American aspiring writer who finds himself drawn into the nightclub’s seamy world. Everything seems possible and nothing is forbidden. But happiness is short-lived. Nazism is gaining force. The days of freedom are numbered. 

Cabaret is bursting with flamboyance and hedonism, darkness and despair. The Göteborg Opera's new production pays homage to the era when the original story is set: Berlin during the delicate democracy around 1930. Spectacular show numbers and captivating music merge with a political tale of poignant human destinies in a colourful, sleepless city where the show must always go on.