Mike Leopold - The Little Match Girl

Mike Leopold is the Designer for The Little Match Girl at the Tabard Theatre. Adapted from the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen and directed by the musical’s composer Keith Strachan and featuring a score brimming with wit, melody, and emotion, this touching tale of a young street girl’s hopes and dreams provides a heart-warming Christmas message to take into the night. 

Cold Victorian London and our Little Match Girl is out on the streets selling matches. She is not allowed home with her father until she has sold them.  She meets Arthur, a cocky friendly lad who helps her sell her matches and who she begins to rely on as her friend. Through him she dreams of a better life. Will he prove to be her saviour? As she strikes matches to keep warm she is magically transported to a make believe world where her wishes come to life. Could this lead to a future with Arthur that our heroine dreams of?