Will Kelly - Mr Poppers Penguins

Neelam Bakshi - EE

Chris Walsh - Tipi

Lucy Young - Berlin Berlin

Jeremy Batt and Sam Stones – Cats

Victoria Serra and John Addison – Titanic

Dami Olukoya and Jared Thompson – Pinocchio

Timothy Blore - Big Finish

Christopher Hollinshead - The Chain

Matt Ray Brown - Europa

Scott Penrose - An Act of God

Sioned Jones & Jessica Forrest - Martha, Josie & The Chinese Elvis

Jose Tevar - The High Table

Patricia Jones - MoneyPlus Group

Jack Beale - The Wicker Husband

Adam King - Jack and the Beanstalk

Fergal Coghlan - Watchmen

Tina Chiang - Silent Witness

Bryan Mottram - Gypsy

Natalie Bennyworth – Singin’ In the Rain

Anthony Starr – Guys and Dolls

Marc Parry - Band of Gold

Xsara-Sheneille Pryce - Ducklings

Gareth Clarke - Translations

Timothy Mylechreest - A Christmas Carol

Rachel Flynn - Edinburgh Gin

Louie Whitemore - An Evening of Eric and Ern

Louie Whitemore, Adam King - Snowflake/ Tornado

Tharan Sivapatham – Eurovision

Sam McCagherty - Cinderella

Tom Sterling - The Astonishing Times of Timothy Cratchit

Louie Whitemore - Beckett Triple Bill