Elliot Chapman - The Corners of the Globe

Adam Dawson - The Railway Children

James William-Pattison, Samuel Martin & Rosalind Ford - Once

Elliot Chapman - The Ways of the World

Alice Offley - Emmerdale

Adam King - Guys and Dolls

Katy Richardson - Sunday Favourites at The Other Palace: Aimie Atkinson

Chris Poon - The Astonishing Times of Timothy Cratchit

Richard Evans - The Children

Chris Poon - Little Women

Alex Kais - Qatar Airways

Michael Strassen - Saturday Night Fever

Farrell Cox - Hive City Legacy

Lamin Touray - Up N Under

Mark Extance - The Mullah of Downing Street

Kaye Brown - Holding the Centre

Karl Haynes - An Enemy of the People

Mark Paterson - Boeing Boeing UK Tour

Viss Elliot Safavi – For Services Rendered

Jemima Watling - Black Chiffon

Eliza Capel - The Exorcist UK Tour

Victoria John - Pavlilion

Simon Wilkinson - The Season

Lucy Menzies & Dean Graham - Liar (Series 2)

Gillian McCafferty - National Citizen Service

George Sesay - Save The Children

Michael Junior Onafowokan - Top Boy

Matt Ray Brown - Meridian Audio

Marie Everett - Crashing

Milan Van Weeldon - Eurovision

Sioned Jones - Doctor Who - The Psychic Circus

Lily Donovan and Will Kelly - Audible

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