Rachel Wise - Dr Korczak's Example

Rachel Wise is the Movement Director for Dr Korczak’s Example at Leeds Playhouse.

1942. The Warsaw ghetto.

Sixteen year old Adzio is stealing to survive. Invited to escape the streets by Dr Korczak, Adzio must learn to live harmoniously with the other 200 children cared for in the orphanage, where he’s safe for now.

But Dr Korczak is nervous despite his influence in the ghetto. Rumours are spreading about people being moved out of the city on trains and not coming back.

Tempers and temperatures are rising, food is scarce. Everyone wants to survive.

Timed to premiere just before Holocaust Memorial Day, experience the powerful and enduring true story of Dr Janusz Korczak, a Polish educator and children’s author who championed the rights of young people, believing every child has the right to freedom, respect and love.