Simon Wilkinson - Islander: A New Musical

Simon Wilkinson is the Lighting Designer for Islander: A New Musical, part of the Made in Scotland showcase at Paines Plough Roundabout.

Eilidh has never left her island. Every day is the same. Same chores, same people, same conversations. She stands on the cliffs and dreams of the Bigland over the sea.

Then one day a strange girl from faraway arrives on the Island - and with her, events that will change Eilidh's life forever.

Boldly exploring themes of conflict, migration and identity, Islander is for everyone 8 years and older. Blending dramatic action, epic storytelling and a cappella song, the performers live-record and layer their voices with looping technology to create a feast for the ears and imagination.

Developed in association with Mull Theatre | Supported by Creative Scotland.  

Trailer here: